Educating Our Veterans during 101 Critical Days of Summer to promote Creative Resiliency Solutions is critical and time sensitive. Pursuing excellence laced with undying faith, yielding selfless service with grit, fighting through mental adversity with courage, ensuring integrity. We know that earning military valor takes self-discipline, commitment, hard work and the Esprit De Corps of a Marine. Tune in to The Christina Silva Show on Wednesdays Live at 2pm on Channel 2 to be uplifted and become stronger by way of Optimism!

Vince Cecere as served for over 20 years equipping our men and women for situational awareness and how to protect themselves and teaches our military service men and women how to protect themselves first and then trains them to become Ready and Resilient, Limitless and Loyal Warriors. Moreover, his trademarked techniques and branded accessories provide the security we need in today’s military climate and the signs of the times.

As your Host of the Christina R. Silva Show, it is a gift and honor to share the story of CRS Clean Riding Style. With a focus on Safety and Awareness as an Advocate in the Military Community for over 20 years providing Military Special Events and Multimedia production services to our US Armed Forces is meaningful. In the specialty realm of Motorcycling and Weapons Safety, I am Self-Empowered and I am Well-Focused knowing that Resilience can be taught and is Learned through Master Vince Cecere’s storytelling today as we are Educating Our Veterans with Truth.

It is key to draw the hearts of America to feel and empathize to prove the cost of freedom is priceless. Through the lens, on the big screen, in the desert, at the gym and the stages of comedy stores worldwide, Vince Cecere stands tall. Safety and Awareness is extremely important to him and Christina R. Silva, CEO Founder of serving as an Advocate in the Motorcycling and Weapons Safety.

I am Self-Empowered and I am Well-Focused; Resilience is Learned


Be Healthy, Fit & Ready to Deploy from Sea to Sea

Meet our grand mentor and Presidential Ranking, Senior Executive Service Meritorious, Distinguished Recipient: Philip E. Sakowitz, Jr. through an exclusive testimonial podcast hosted by USMC Veteran Advocate, Christina R. Silva on

Welcoming top achievers, specialists and well-qualified subject matter experts each week means that we honor our military families with an open-door policy that gives us the motivational infusion we need to mature through the utilization of digital media. Let’s be energized by the empowerment and motivation that Philip E. Sakowitz, Jr., willingly shares to encourage us to make healthier choices today.

Together, we believe that ALL military families worldwide shall be able to enjoy well deserved, top quality, cost-effective life experiences while serving our Great Nation. Optimal and Total Comprehensive Fitness means everything, especially while on Active Duty. It is essential to concentrate on making Healthy Choices in all facets of our lives as military parents during the Month of the Military Child, ensuring we are alert and fueled to achieve greatness. In order to have a balanced life filled with unprecedented success as our VIP guest on The Christina Silva Show, we are to set attainable goals and choose to strive in the right mindset while we are grateful for our blessing of Freedom and Choice. Thank a Veteran Each and Every Day with us!

Be welcomed to also self reflect as Mr. Sakowitz also reflected on his favorite childhood treats growing up in New Jersey. Philip shares how he is raised by a US Marine Corps father who served in World War II and remembers his mother’s cooking growing up. We must Remember Everyone Deployed and be reminded of the selfless service our men and women in uniform yield year-round to protect our Land and Old Glory. As a lifelong Civilian Airmen, Philip E. Sakowitz, Jr. shares his passion for consulting as the Former Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) from 2008-2010.

The most important part is Educating Our Veterans is being able to learn through such professional career accolades and concentration on Physical Fitness coupled with over 35 solid years of SES Presidential Ranking leadership. Philip shares how he grew up wanting to lead and serve and is honored to assist government agencies and private companies with strategic solutions to complex problems today as President of Sakowitz Operational Solutions, Inc. and is humbled to lead as a consultant to date at DeCA. Philip is proud to have contributed to the development of more Military Savings and Rewards, is a believer in Equality for all in the workplace and enjoys promoting resilience to support our troops as top priority. Finally, we can enjoy everything in moderation as long as we also make time for regular exercise and get ample rest. Now that’s living!

We concur at CRS Productions that this is a sure remedy to add value and excitement while shopping in the Commissary aisle as we aim to make healthier food choices through redeeming manufacturer’s coupons and fun sweepstakes and contests.

As your host, I, too remember my mom would shop for Bundt Cakes and Creole makings for Gumbo and Red Beans when I was a kid. So just fathom how much a deployed service member looks forward to a taste of home cooking upon his or her safe return stateside! You can give back and get involved to Support our Troops at today to #MERCHFOrAwarD with us and also find great savings on millions of key products when you .

Please consider there shall be on our watch as we also welcome surprise guest, John Wordin, CEO and Founder of the No Vet Alone Organization that shares cutting edge community outreach measures to reduce suicides amongst our Troops and the world at large. Visit and join us to be a part of the plight to end suicides and the effects of other traumas with the family of volunteers and supporters of the No Vet Alone first inaugural series of events in LA May 2019! Cure the stigma of the 22/1 suicide ratings that are growing by accepting the challenge to get involved to make a difference in your local community today.

Every week, via, we promise you uplifting, factual data, and real-life solutions to shift your day with positive interactive energy that is tangible for all. Discover your facial expressions and improve your communication in the aisle by engaging fellow shoppers through with the 8 easy steps of the Power of P.I.E.! Our Patriot, and CRS Mentor, Mr. Derek Gable, Creator of over 60 Mattel, Inc. inventions authored a solution to health and fitness you can practice too so stay tuned to next week on The Christina Silva Show for an Educating Our Veterans exclusive new remedy with Derek Gable getting ready for the 101 Critical Days of Summer season!

All we have to do to “Instant Balance Our Thinking is Count our Blessings”, shares Host Christina Silva, (USAF at Los Angeles Certified, Civilian Resiliency Training Assistant). Open and Equip your Resiliency Tool Box as our US Airmen and their families do in order stay fit! The quote of the day is “Resiliency is Learned” with Special Thanks to CRS MRT Expert, Chief Master Sergeant Bryan Blue, USAF Retired.

Here’s to a delicious Pop Tart (not fish) that Philip E. Sakowitz, Jr. enjoys in celebration of his continued service with our Troops. This is a form of gratitude to give back in the way of safety and education by way of personal testimony we appreciate being informed about health, housing, employment, and education benefits as a team in the military community. knowing that Educating Our Veterans is a Community Responsibility for all to #BeeSafe.

Always remember that the first meal of the day, midday lunch, and a full course dinner plus dessert is certainly essential for our military dependents and their families. Our best place to one-stop-shop and save is while learning to implement digital shopping online to redeem the benefits military personnel, retirees, Disabled American Veterans and potential DoD Civilian shoppers earned. Thank you for choosing Special Event Productions as a source of the educational family fitness that provides valuable content fulfilled with empathy, compassion and camaraderie for fellow Soldiers.

We Transform, Adapt, & Overcome

Take advantage and register today for the many Rewards and Savings we can redeem at your local Commissary this spring and summer. For more information on eligibility, expanded earned benefits our military families may be able to redeem, visit: and and stop by to be ready to “Stand up the EFAC” with valor! today. May God bless America! Semper Fi, Aim Higher!