2019 KTM 390 DUKE

Get Ready to Race, Beat Traffic, Be Resilient, & Be Renewed in the Elements with Clean Riding Style. As your Host, United States Marine Corps Veteran, and motor-journalist/stunt woman, I can truly testify and prove that motorcycles cure PTS. The instant I bend a knee on this nimble machine after a stressful day at work, activating event, or care in the world….I ride and reflect through my Helmet Talk about positivity in the wind; while splitting lanes safely. #LOOKTWICEFORMOTORCYCLES

The new and affordable machine helps you unwind your day in the wind. Twist the throttle toward efficient paths of travel and seamless turns in the canyon with the power of just 300-400 ccs of power, you feel rejuvenated torquing purposefully thru traffic. With just six dollars, you can ride between 100-125 miles to the tank and you can zip through traffic without worrying about bumping mirrors. The amazing one cylinder delivery of the power band accelerates smoothly without threatening unintentional wheelies or speed; yet 120 miles per hour makes the bike just right for ballet S turns on the Fastrack! It is just wonderful to save time, save with low emissions, and to cruise with the high visibility scheme of the KTM design…Orang. white and BLACK accents make one take a look at the smile and the remarkable motorcycle of the year, voted #1 @CRSOnAir

From Camies2Civies, you can also make it to your USAF, USN, USA, USCG, and USMC duty station on time, in and out of uniform. Remember to wear all of your gear and on weekends, get ready to ride during the military 101 Critical Days of Summer with CRS from C2C. Make it fun and safe, commuting with ease in the beach cities. It’s so much fun and also you can take your bike to the track to learn how to drive defensively, within PPE Guidelines with CRS @CleanRidingStyle private lessons and more. For the fifth year, we care about providing the camaraderie and place to decompress in the wind, with our certifications to ride from Novice to Advanced licensure, and in a group formation beside our comrades. OOH Rah, Semper Fi and Go Army as We Aim High to be seen and to #BeeSafe on the road on two wheels that is….There’s a new project in development that we call “America’s Patriotic Call to Action so stay tuned. -CRS

Discover Books that impart Resilience from every Genre!

The Wheel of Time Series The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

The first installment of a 14 book series  titled The Wheel of Time. This book explores science fantasy topics that centralize on a group on young kids guided by a mysterious traveler and her cohort. The story unfolds into what is said to be a more full and complex world to rival the Lord of the Rings universe. The topics of growth and change are interlaced throughout the story as friendships are tested. Jordan’s writing is rife with descriptions that take seemingly ordinary characters through growth and plot twist not only unexpected but at times beautiful as well as beautifully heart wrenching. Though die hard fans say the books should be read and critiqued as a complete volume this first installment is as good a place as any to start. That being said at times the material can become logged with more dialogue and inner monologue of the focused character this becomes a staple of the writing style if science fiction of the medieval variety is your cup of tea. I highly recommend this book and hope those who take my advice enjoy it. Available on Amazon:

A Book In Review by Justin Rose

There are instances in many of our lives that may seem bleak and static, with a slim chance of improving. During these times we face temptation. Temptation to settle, quit, withdraw, and wither away. That is the path of least resistance. If you found yourself in such a circumstance, I urge you to set your focus on the upside. If you’re unsure of where to start, step one is to watch this movie. no matter who you are or your current circumstance, it is bound to change your perspective. 

Bryan Cranston showcases a brilliantly moving depiction of a man stricken with tetraplegia who has all but given up on life. The irony is that he is ridiculously wealthy, yet feels that this is no advantage to someone with his affliction. Enter Kevin Hart. The dynamic between these two is stark and juxtaposed from their primary encounter. Hart plays a straight-talking man who in the past served a prison stint and is trying to find his footing while he reintegrates into society and his family role as a father. His heart is in the right place, but old habits die hard and like so many of us he struggles to resist the allure of shortcuts & schemes. His ego & resolve are tested when he is offered to work for Cranston and slowly realizes that he will have to accept new responsibilities and overcome obstacles he perviously succumbed to. 

Despite their rocky start the two begin to form a bond which they use to remind each other that there’s always an upside. 
I recommend this film to anyone who feels down & out as it may realign you with a sense of well being and put you back on track to fulfilling your purpose. – By JAS