Educating Our Veterans during 101 Critical Days of Summer to promote Creative Resiliency Solutions is critical and time sensitive. Pursuing excellence laced with undying faith, yielding selfless service with grit, fighting through mental adversity with courage, ensuring integrity. We know that earning military valor takes self-discipline, commitment, hard work and the Esprit De Corps of a Marine. Tune in to The Christina Silva Show on Wednesdays Live at 2pm on Channel 2 to be uplifted and become stronger by way of Optimism!

Vince Cecere as served for over 20 years equipping our men and women for situational awareness and how to protect themselves and teaches our military service men and women how to protect themselves first and then trains them to become Ready and Resilient, Limitless and Loyal Warriors. Moreover, his trademarked techniques and branded accessories provide the security we need in today’s military climate and the signs of the times.

As your Host of the Christina R. Silva Show, it is a gift and honor to share the story of CRS Clean Riding Style. With a focus on Safety and Awareness as an Advocate in the Military Community for over 20 years providing Military Special Events and Multimedia production services to our US Armed Forces is meaningful. In the specialty realm of Motorcycling and Weapons Safety, I am Self-Empowered and I am Well-Focused knowing that Resilience can be taught and is Learned through Master Vince Cecere’s storytelling today as we are Educating Our Veterans with Truth.

It is key to draw the hearts of America to feel and empathize to prove the cost of freedom is priceless. Through the lens, on the big screen, in the desert, at the gym and the stages of comedy stores worldwide, Vince Cecere stands tall. Safety and Awareness is extremely important to him and Christina R. Silva, CEO Founder of serving as an Advocate in the Motorcycling and Weapons Safety.

I am Self-Empowered and I am Well-Focused; Resilience is Learned

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