Meet Christina Silva

Christina is committed to volunteerism by serving active duty military personnel, retirees, their families with over 20 years of contract consulting, event promotions, project management, real estate, and safety with emergency preparedness expertise.

Christina founded CRS Investments in 2002, CRS Productions in 2009, and her military private organization, (C2C) Foundation in 2015 to “Give Back in The Way of Safety and Education.” She inspires others to become their own boss. She enjoys human face-to-face contact in business and digital networking, especially motivating youth and seniors to learn from each other.

Christina understands the success that military entrepreneurs can achieve when their spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas of life are synchronized. As host of The Christina Silva Show, she uses her personal testimony, a compassionate ear, and special guests that share the way they found success to help listeners find their own “Clean Riding Style”. Each week, take advantage of learning something new and getting into gear to live your best life, during and after service.