Camies 2 Civies is a 501 (c)3 Tax Exempt Military Private Organization and support system that provides motivational and empowerment experiences designed to create resiliency solutions. Camies 2 Civies is a safe resource providing information about a plethora of earned benefits and resources. The greatest navigational pathway a retiring military member and family can find is the key to unlocking their housing, health, employment, and higher education benefits. From cradle to grave and from C2C, we are honored to join forces with military installations production of family events to enhance and offset costs while gifting supplies, giveaways, awards, and scholarships to show our appreciation for the sacrifice of service. In 2020, Camies 2 Civies launched a new program and collaborative in the ESPORTS and Gaming space to allow the troops to discover careers, innate talents, and to learn about the relatioinship between learning and play video games to draw family, friends, and comrades together in teams filled with resilience. C2C Military Family seminars help the military face and embrace difficult challenges, yet to realize a healthy, fun, and relaxing time through ESports. To learn more about our upcoming events, stay tuned for our press release in 2021 and be ready to recieve the invite to become involved. Augment your reality and Be You, In and Out of Uniform. Transform, Adapt, and Overcome in ESports Realms by exercising your elite military training skills and your digital environment online! #MERCHFORAWARD

From sea to sea, (C2C) we aim to change lives as positive mentors and C2C partners help guide the C2C community of active duty, reserve, and retired military, law enforcement, and DoD civilians, and their families to higher ground during various transitional phases.  

Our C2C mission is to collaborate with fellow charities and corporations to promote voluntarism and breed life skills necessary to succeed in all aspects of life.  Camies 2 Civies is the platform whereby “We Transform, Adapt, and Overcome” together as a team.   To “Be You In & Out of Uniform” is to continue serving with face-to-face contact and human touch to bring about e change with lovingkindness in this critical day and age.  

Choose to join us and participate to be encouraged to stand up for a cause greater than ourselves for all to #BeeSafe.  Thank you and Semper Fidelis. No Federal Endorsement Intended Nor Implied.