C2C Supports First Virtual K.U.D.O.S. Event

For the first time in the 12 year history of the Air Force Event titled K.U.D.O.S., “Kids Understanding Deployment Operations,” was presented online via the web. #KUDOS simulates deployment readiness in all facets of the call to action as the LAAFB Airman and Family Readiness Center shines by supporting youth and military personnel with their military orders.

During its first virtual event kick-off, Active Duty Air Force Airmen and their dependent children ages toddler to teenager experienced a mock series of readiness exercises in real-time by participating in geared up #KUDOS TEAMS answering calls to action in Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual fitness categories.

This year, everyone participated with their own online connections via the internet and participated in live interactive Drills led by leaders of each Air Force department that their parents visit to be cleared to deploy and defend Our Nation in real life.

The awesome dress rehearsal includes tactical, hand-to-hand combat defense training, and meals ready to eat MRE’s while breeding camaraderie and confidence in each child and parent.

The readiness mission is filed with the importance of taking care of the active personnel Including coping and strategic training to best handle the emotions that Military families endure while being willing to Go, Fight, and Win in the blink of an eye.

Let us appreciate the deployment process and magnitude of what impact orders to deploy entail with separation from their children at hand at a moment’s notice.

The youth are excited about #KUDOS from their parents every year especially as the teams competed last year before social distancing was in effect at a giant tug-of-war and jumper obstacle course Including sponsored breakfast by C2C and a family BBQ Luncheon by the A&FRC which encouraged and introduced the measure of resilience, and ethical standards of The USAF Families first commitment.

It is always key to hope and pray for the safe return of our Airmen and Joint Forces to their homes stateside to become a family again after their deployments.

We want to humbly thank our Men and Women for their sacrifice, service-before-self, and positive attitudes all around the world as they are serving in their Camies 2 Civies.

With Solidarity, Christina R. Silva, United States Marine Corps Veteran, Founder of Camies 2 Civies (C2C) Foundation, Executive Producer, and Host of Educating Our Veterans Live, The Christina Silva Show is committed to serving families and her own sons, military dependents forever. No Federal Endorsement Intended Nor Implied. 2020 October 17, 14:46 hours. “We Transform, Adapt & Overcome from C2C”.