Christina Silva US Marine Corps Veteran Supports Camies 2 Civies Community Outreach on the VOICE AMERICA Variety Channel

The Christina Silva Show on Voice America Variety Channel Wednesdays @!pm Pacific Educating Our Veterans Live

The Christina Silva Show sparks innovation and delivers creative resiliency solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. As your host, Christina is a positive energy promoter with a special gift for connecting with innovators. Experts from all industries agree to uncover the steps they took to manifest their ideas into profitable inventions on each episode. Each testimonial is infused with grit, gumption, and giving back that paves the pathway to continued success.

Christina possesses a compassionate ear and critical voice as a female Marine Corps Veteran as she assumes the responsibility of educating veterans about business development, resources, and forward strategies. As Founder of C2C Foundation (2015), Christina is a natural-born philanthropist on a mission to help others adapt, overcome, and transform from their military “Camies 2 Civies.” Tune in weekly to be encouraged by testimonials on the Voice America Variety Channel.

Christina Silva is a United States Marine Corps Veteran of the Persian Gulf Era. Christina responds to the Call to Action For Equality on behalf of minority and under-represented classes and the masses as a Woman-In-Business, Military Advocate, and Female DAV Community of Heroes Awardee. She is a motivational speaker and a voice for the greater good. Christina delights in helping veterans redeem their VA Home Ownership benefit and promotes mental health awareness, gainful employment, and higher education. Christina is committed to volunteerism by serving active-duty military personnel, retirees, their families with over 20 years of contract consulting, event promotions, project management, real estate, and safety with emergency preparedness expertise.

Christina founded CRS Investments in 2002, CRS Productions in 2009, and her military private organization, (C2C) Foundation in 2015 to “Give Back in The Way of Safety and Education.” Christina inspires others to become their own boss. She enjoys human face-to-face contact in business and digital networking, especially motivating youth and seniors to learn from each other. Christina understands the success that military entrepreneurs can achieve when their spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas of life are synchronized. Join Christina and find your own Clean Riding Style. Each week, take advantage of learning something new and getting into gear from our accomplished subject matter expert guests.