“It’s Your Career, It’s Your Choice!”

by CRSMULTIMEDIA · May 19, 2022

Joining us today on The Christina Silva Show are two subject matter experts from our military and civilian communities that care about Educating Our Veterans LIVE The Christina Silva Show. They surely understand the importance of choosing a complimentary Career as the centrifugal force that leads to fulfilling and gainful success in today’s world as the digital divide ensues.

Meet Co-Authors, Mark Brenner, USAF Veteran and Founder of VCXChange.org and Mary Gomez, Senior Sales Executive who understand the marriage between the Active Duty Retiring, military veteran, and or key spouse job-seeking candidates and the translation of their military to civilian occupational specialty experience onto a resume. The intricate process of landing employment commensurate with skill, character, and industry is a challenge while applying for positions and reaching the employer with proper engagement and communication.

Together, Mr. Brenner and Ms. Gomez believe that we can be rooted and grounded in the clear pathway toward the befitting careers we desire by plenty of preparation, practice, and perfection unto the interview and job offer. In their fascinating new book, they prove from years of knowledge and experience that….”It’s Your Career and It’s Your Choice!” https://www.amazon.com/Its-Your-Career-Step-Step/dp/0578316862/ref=sr_1_1?Adv-Srch-Books-Submit.x=0&Adv-Srch-Books-Submit.y=0&qid=1652997889&refinements=p_28%3Ait%27s+your+career+it%27s+your+choice&s=books&sr=1-1&unfiltered=1

Visit https://www.VCXChange.org, and you will find key services that can support you in your navigational pathway as an online job seeker.

Always Remember that we too support you with our charitable mission alongside VCXChange so you can “Be You IN and OUT of Uniform” at https://www.Camies2Civies.org a 501C3 Private Organization that supports military families from all branches of service since 2015.

Mr. Mark Brenner, USAF Veteran, 1966

Thank you for your service to Our Great Nation Mr. Brenner and every member of our Forces past, present, and future.

Tune in to The Christina Silva Show to take your career and mindset to the next level while being thankful for the sacrifices men and women in uniform of the past, present, and future have made as we approach Memorial Day 2022.

Semper Fidelis, Aim Higher!


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