Meet 1st Lieutenant Riley Compton, a Woman with Many Talents and Triumphs as we celebrate 2023 Women’s History Month. Riley Compton is currently serving our Nation as an Active Duty, United States Marine serving on Active Duty aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA.


Additionally, Riley Compton is a professional athlete with amazing accomplishments in Women’s Softball and as the Legendary Pilot of Team USA National Olympic Women’s Bob Sled Team. Riley Compton is a Woman of Faith and was awarded the title United States Marine Corps Athlete of the Year in 2021 and is broadening her impact to inspire fellow Marines, Women, and the world with her story of trailblazing pathways to spiritual, social, personal, and professional success despite the odds.

Riley will share many of her life lessons, aspirations, career highlights and the honorable experience that changed her life being crowned as the First Queen of the 2023 Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase founded by the Mr. Calvin Hill Family which took place in San Diego, CA at The Salvation Army KROC Theater last month in San Diego, CA.


Riley has consistently challenged herself and is rising because of her belief and can do attitude laced by Marine Corps Esprit De Corps and is representing our military well alongside the First King of the Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase, U.S. Naval Active Duty Yeoman, Claude Riddick, Jr.

Let’s thank Riley tremendous mentorship, leadership, impact, intention, and innovation; and most especially for her service as a Female Commissioned Officer in the USMC whereby her role and responsibilities as a 1st Lieutenant have led her to a new promotion and rank of Captain in the year to come. We will be inspired by her appearance on The Christina Silva Show as she showcases stories from her military service, family life, and shares of the regimented balance it takes to train to win and to compete from the Bob Sled to the Red Carpet as a Queen. @CRSONAIR CRS Productions 2023 Copyright


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