Meet Latina Sabb and tap into the meaning of Juneteenth with historic remembrance and Military Honors. Latina served ten years in the US Air Force and is currently a Federal leader on staff that helps others realize their self employment goals.

Latina is a partner and shares her military story to enlighten others about how to transform their careers and to reach educational and funding wealth through her new investment ventures. Latina became a member of the Wealth Builders Mastermind Group (WBMMG) and is delighted to share the importance of decoding wealth and sharing her learned techniques from the leader and executives in her community at WBMMG.
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Latina enjoys being an entrepreneur, traveling, and utilizing the fullness of her earned benefits from military service in housing, health, employment, and education. Today, she will share the meaning of Juneteenth with us and tells us of the meaning of her custom brand of active wear. Latina is dedicated to patriotic traditions, Americanism and the integral part her heritage plays in her mission and vision of the future. Tune in to be uplifted and inspired by her story and accomplishments on The Christina Silva Show.


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