In 2020 -2022, CCME members pressed forward despite the pandemic restrictions that changed the landscape of its mission. Instead, CCME transformed and became stronger by enhancing its vision and mission to better understand legislative affairs and how to assert the best voice on behalf of military students and families. Per the CCME history, each annual symposium provides a forum for discussions concerning the rising cost of education within constrained military budgets, the increasing reliance on outsourcing and contracting in the education services community, and the resulting serious implications on the services and institutions, and, ultimately, on the military student.

As a Veteran Organization member of CA ACME and CCME, CRS Productions empathizes with deployed students, those that need to retain their earned educational credits in reciprocity and was honored to attend the 2019 CCME Symposium. Tune in to the informative broadcast hosted by CRS Wednesday, January 23, 2019 to gain more information about why your involvement is key! When you are able hear perspectives from Subject Matter Experts, Military Personnel, and CCME Education professionals that share the importance of utilization and expansion of military and veteran earned benefits, you will be moved to join us! 

Discover how to get involved and seek to influence relevant outcomes in your education future. Be inspired by personal testimonials and service accomplishments our men and women share while studying, protecting our Nation and raising their families from their  Higher education is key and the legislative provisions, educational programming, and advocacy that improves is through the power of your membership and voluntarism year after year.  


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