This episode of The Christina Silva Show promises a wonderfully unforgettable broadcast with special guest Mr. Alan B. Curtiss, professional Assistant Director/Producer/ Location Manager/Actor from Oscar Award-Nominated movies that we remember dearly because they relate to our lives like “Saving Private Ryan” and many more.

Films in Mr. Curtiss’ illustrious career since 1978 to present include but are not limited to his professional contributions in the forever iconic film “Grease”, Green Mile, Jarhead, Dead Poets Society, Harlem Nights, The Truman Show, and The Perfect Storm.

The film titles above run parallel to Mr. Curtiss’ polite and courteous demeanor and his recollection and fond gratitude toward his Grandfather and Uncle’s Remarkable U.S. Naval Service in World War II and other missions in his family make him the Patriot he is today.

The Christina Silva Show * Educating Our Veterans LIVE * May 2, 2024

We will learn more about Mr. Curtiss’ road to becoming an Entertainment Industry success along with his childhood and adult discoveries about how to cope with understanding the various after-effects on Service Members that return from serving in the deadliest Wars the U.S. has ever conquered #EducatingOurVeterans LIVE.

Welcome to May 2024. Memorial Day is Everyday our Men and Women in Uniform are protecting our Air, Land and Sea. Semper Fidelis.

We are also celebrating Mental Health Awareness and Military Appreciation Month with a goal of bringing you legendary guests to share their stories as military dependents reflecting on their relatives’ service from all Eras of War, Active Duty Members and Retirees, Veterans, and experts from every industry. It is imperative we are alert, caring, trained, resilient, humble, and willing to help ourselves get into shape for a best quality life mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually and we’ve got the “how tol right here on The Christina Crs Silva Show through the lens of our trailblazing guests. Then we are fully equipped to help others.

Stay tuned and thank you for supporting our broadcast since 2009.


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