operates on a mission to promote #Family #Readiness #Resilience #Recreation and #Rejuvenation through its support of the Nellis Force Support events. All summer and winter, we are proud that everyone will enjoy the goodness of memories at the movies!

Military families recreation, rejuvenation, and reviews at the movies matter! @C2C we promote education through movies, arts, entertainment, crafts, and outdoor events and our C2C Scholarships enable military dependent youth to use their Creative Writing Skills to express their opinions, ideas, and wealth of knowledge on paper in exchange for the reward of winning our scholarships support through their healthy competitive efforts.

@Camies2Civies C2C we also promote #Education #Employment #Housing and #Health earned benefits and we attend the events to LISTEN and act as a trusted volunteer agent to encourage our #DADS and #MOMS #KeySpouses In and Out of Uniform.


Special thanks to our C2C Board, Advisors, and Community Partners that care about, treasure, and appreciate our Troops as much as we do and for making such events and programs possible. #CRSC2C



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