Michael’s life was changed and became rich with purpose as he discovered and overcame both physical and mental hurdles during his collegiate experience and road to the NFL. He realized his Professional Football and Philanthropic accomplishments with educational goals, personal dedication and unprecedented determination. He is truly “Undefeated”.

One thing is for sure, Michael is living proof that no matter what the cardiologist predicts he will not be stopped! Michael knows how to “Focus”. Michael has accomplished feats on the gridiron and on the Big Screen. He has followed through on his community action goals, and has been able to bring his story to digital and print life with Josh Merwin of https://www.dreambigbooks.org (Founder of the International Sports Film Festival) who has debuted his series of inspirational stories titled “Josh’s Inspirational Journeys” featuring Michael as the very first character he highlights. Michael is equipped to motivate and empower parents and youth about health and wellness and invests in properties that will someday expand his reach to build a commercial home designed for his dearest part of humanity, our youth. Welcome to https:HeartofMichael.org!

Michael believes that youth need his leadership, wisdom, character, morale and trailblazing opportunity to become champions in life and sports and business like himself.

Tune in to be assured that the Heart of Michael Foundation is a place you will be encouraged to join and support his mission in the Heart of Texas and around the globe. Michael Montgomery is a remarkable speaker and enjoys story-telling to implore diverse audiences to welcome heart health discussions and regular checkups. Michael support the www.ChildrensHeartFoundation.org with his whole heart too! He is on a mission to share Family Symposiums including his unparalleled insights with fellow athletes of all ages, Active Duty and Veteran military families and to collaborate with corporations and foundations that care. Follow Michael @Iam96GB.

It is an honor to share his perspective and delightful voice on The Christina Silva Show, Wednesday, March 13, 2024 as we spring forward in 2024 live https://www.Facebook.com/CRSProds.


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