Joining us on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 is The Living Legend, Ronnie Lee Twist a.ka. “Cash”.  Cash is a proud member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and most proudly shares his new book “The Self Help Book For People Who Hate Self Help” with us in advance of May 2024 Mental Health Awareness Month to shed light on how to cope and overcome in situations life brings us on the daily.

At the age of 9, Ronnie Lee was performing ‘Folsom Prison Blues” and ‘A Boy Named Sue’ to audiences anywhere they would let him play.  His mother Luzina, was a regular fixture in the entertainment business in San Francisco, and would often bring Ronnie to her shows to sing a song or two.  At age 19, he moved to Nashville and became a familiar face in the studio and on the road, sharing the stage with acts ranging from Earl Thomas Conley, Eddy Raven and Carl Perkins to Ronnie Milsap and of course, Johnny CASH!  Ronnie has been nominated for 11 Grammy Awards as a Songwriter, and achieved success with his tribute song to Johnny Cash, “I Lost a Friend Today” which he wrote the day Johnny Cash passed away.

Ronnie is considered one of the top Johnny Cash Tribute artists in the nation, as well as a versatile county and rockabilly artist now residing in Las Vegas, NV.  Ronnie has a heart for performing with purpose and to reach military families worldwide and to honor his father’s military service is one of his life’s ongoing missions as the cost of freedom isn’t free.

He makes his Cash selling cars but as his book promises, after a day’s work, he hang’s his hat and is so much more than what other’s perception, so take a deep listen to his voice and message to find out how you can “help yourself” if you’re one of those “do-it-yourself-ers” by gleaning from the life story of experiences Ronnie Lee Twist will share.

To relieve the pressures of life and to relax and enjoy camaraderie Cash bonds with his band members of “The Future Cats” and has mastered 18 years as a radio host of a popular morning show.  He is a seasoned record producer and engineer with a two Masters Degrees so he surely understands the “Psychology” behind most things.  Ronnie Lee Twist overcomes his travail and turns loss into wealth and triumph through the memory of his beloved son, Michael George Twist.

Let’s offer a prayer and round of applause to Ronnie Lee Twist for his commitment to honor and success!


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