Meet and Celebrate FRANCES A. CHEEVER our living legacy and US ARMY SOLDIER FOR LIFE. On today’s episode,The Game of Life comes to a RALLY POINT and it’ time to Cash In and BELIEVE in your dreams IN AND OUT OF UINIFORM, “CHA-CHING”. Frances is the Writer and Producer that personifies successful transition from Retirement, back to Active Duty, and the concurrent process. Of pursuing a gainful and decorate career in Nursing and Media, Film and Entertainment to show the world a true perspective in critical issues Military Personnel and Retirees, the Disabled and Underrepresented, and Fallen Heroes deserve. Tune in a 5pm LIVE Pacific time and 8 pm Eastern LIVE to hear Frances “Major ACHEEVER” and her Call to Action story on The Christina Silva Show Educating Our Veterans Live on the Voice America Variety Channel. #HOOAH#SEMPERFI

Frances advocates for the Art of Healing by creating and producing content that accurately and respectfully portrays our military community. She ensures and facilitates first look hiring opportunities for our Veterans and Wounded Warriors in the entertainment business in both performance and off-camera roles to get their stories and talents noticed and their “Boot in the Door”.

Frances is an award-winning screenwriter. She provides an insightful and unique perspective to her screenplays of all genres. Her military leadership training has helped her to seamlessly transition into the production side of the entertainment business.

Frances is a Soldier for Life. She served in the US Army on active and reserve status for three decades as a senior NCO (E-7) and Officer (MAJ) in the Army Nurse Corps. At Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC/Bethesda, and other assignments, she had the honor of caring for America’s Wounded Warriors, servicemen and women, Veterans, and their family members. As a mobilization and training officer, she knew all too well the importance of ensuring Soldiers are trained, ready, cohesive, and well-led to send off to war and return home safely.


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