Meet our special guest on the next Educating Our Veterans Live Broadcast, Friday, May 12, 2023 at 4:30 pm, Ms. Ashanti Miranda, who served four years in the United States Navy.Ashanti is passionate about the mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness of Military Members and their families and individuals in public that need empathy, charity, and guidance.

Ashanti fulfills and is fulfilled by her professional role as a Certified Clinical Social Worker at an Acute Psychiatric Hospital in San Diego County. She is a caring and compassionate Life Coach, Consultant and Therapist who values the human race so much so that she founded the Veterans of Hope San Diego non profit entity to help others deal with crisis, Ashanti believes in her patients potential to regain direction with proper mental health attention and support.

Empathy makes the heart grow stronger and draws the community closer. Those who care and discover the Veterans of Hope family want to volunteer and to lend support to those suffering in silence. Superior crisis management is a specialty that Ashanti provides with her team along with key programs veterans cherish! For more information on how to get involved, visit:

By sharing and using her own journey to whole health and overcoming mental health struggles, she is able to bond with many of her patients, comrades, family and friends with her “Pivot and Step” mentality.

Ashanti strives to share the deeper meaning of her Educational Journey as she studied at Point Loma Nazarene to obtain her BSW and completed her degree in Social Work at USC.

Ashanti is most proud of her female U.S. Naval story that fortifies her impact in helping hundreds of individuals reach their healing and pathway to living their best and most fulfilling life. If you are ever in need, Ashanti is available to do the same for you!

“Veterans of Hope NGO Helps Veterans Pivot and Step into the Next Chapter of Their Lives.” -Ashanti Miranda, Founder

Ashanti performed her powerful poem, spoke to empower fellow military members, and competed in her very first Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase on February 24, 2023 at The Salvation Army KROC Center. Let’s understand her story with thanks and know the cost of her sacrifice of service set her free into her purpose as she shares her works with us.


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