Educating Our Veterans LIVE is a community responsibility. Meet Claude Riddick, Jr. who is currently serving in our U.S. Navy while pursuing his passion in the Music and Entertainment Industry. Claude, A.K.A. “CJAAY Famous” will share highlights from his astounding upbringing and life lessons on how to “Strive and Thrive” no matter the circumstance. 

Claude specializes in US Naval Administration and has passions and talents are many, especially his dance moves that tell the story of being able to honorably motivate others through live performance IN and OUT of UNIFORM! 

As he was crowned the 2023 Mr. Military Pageant & Showcase Winner, Claude takes pride in Charity, Community, and supporting his comrades and dependent families with wisdom found in his life and faith, his songs, and his giving.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and moreover “Military Appreciation Month” . Stay tuned to hear about the special community and historic outings Claude has made during his reign and role as Mr. Military and discover the meaning of what happened at 1856 hours.




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