Amy Forsythe has achieved some of her most remarkable accomplishments over the past 30 years as she reflects upon her dedicated, dangerous, and delightful commitment to service as a renowned Female Combat Photographer. Amy Forsythe achieved her highest rank in the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant and once honorably discharged, began serving in our US Naval Reserve as a Public Affairs Officer in Communications. Within her full spectrum of talents, Amy is an author, has a heart for her veteran and active duty military community, and has spoken her truths all over the world to help us realize the meaning and gift of life in a relatable way. With gratitude and a “blank slate” a.k.a. “Tabula Rasa” in Latin, each year, Amy commits to her plans on paper with her pen in hand. For a full article about her many accomplishments compiled by her sister in arms, Ms. Taneika Duhaney, visit:

Moreover, Amy will share the power of “Writing it Down and Making It Plain” with us @CRSONAIR during her FB Live appearance on The Christina Silva Show * Educating Our Veterans Live and on Friday, April 7, 2023. Be uplifted, empowered, and glean from her Esprit De Corps @AmyForsythe760 and her recent appearances from the Red Carpet and podium as a Co-Host of the 2023 Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase, magazine and photo shoots, and community engagements past, present and future.


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