Meet Andrea Mc Clew, our reigning Pageant Winner of the 2022 Mrs. Regency International and Mrs. Black Global, wants you to be inspired by her story. From her childhood as a Pastor’s daughter in Texas to her life as a military spouse residing at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA. Andrea’s perseverance and pride has led her to a successful career with faith and family first. She is a mom of two with passion for beauty, brains and the development of her new brand and vlog “Love Her Lips” & “Friyays with Andrea”.

Andrea is able to balance her immense schedule while she raises her teenagers and supports her US Navy CPO for the past twenty plus years. During six duty station changes, various life experiences including challenge and triumph, Andrea has competed in the world of pageantry for over 17 years. Winning and becoming a runner up requires a strong attitude, thick skin and meekness. Answering the call of duty during her one year consecutive reigns in 2022 as Mrs. Regency International and Mrs. Black Global is quite demanding coupled with her acting career that involved filming two back-to-back movies directed by Carl Jackson on Apple TV, LAX (2021) and LAX 2 Paris premiering on May 12, 2023.

Andrea understands what it takes to support women of all three platforms in her life from military mom to pageant queen, and actress in a world where her husband may be deployed for months at a time with two children that are set to graduate over the next couple of years. It is key for Andrea McClew to share her pathway to success and happiness laced with self love and also bear the courage it takes to “share her story to propel herself to the next level”. She is a gem for giving us a perspective filled with empathy, enthusiasm, and a military backbone.

Andrea is honored to serve as a Board Member of the San Diego Armed Forces YMCA because her volunteerism and heart for the community of military families makes a difference. Everyone can benefit from the key programs at the historic venue and Andrea looks forward to creating a deeper support system to help service men, women and their dependents aspire toward their military career dreams, roles in the entertainment industry, and or on the red carpet as actors or competitors in global pageantry. Her recent role reversal occurred as she performed as a Judge at the first inaugural Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant founded by Mr. Calvin Hill, USN (Ret.) on 24 February 2023 in San Diego, CA at The Salvation Army KROC Theatre.

Thank you for your service as well Mrs. Andrea Mc Clew, for we will show the world through your voice that all spouses and their children are serving as the mighty pillar for their active duty service members during and after service, especially our deployed. Semper Fidelis


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